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Energy efficiency certificate (CEE) and why it is necessary to sell a home

Energy efficiency certificate (CEE) and why it is necessary to sell a home

Energy efficiency certificate (CEE) and why it is necessary to sell a home

The energy efficiency certificate is an official document written by a technician who qualifies the building calculating the annual energy consumption necessary to meet the energy demand of the building. Including the production of hot water, heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation.During the process, an energy efficiency certificate is issued and an energy label is assigned to the building. The energy rating scale varies from the letter A (building more energy efficient) and the letter G (less energy efficient building).

How is an Energy Efficiency Certificate

Every energy efficiency certificate shall have at least:

1.- Identification of the building.

2.- Identification of the procedure chosen to obtain the energy rating:

Description of the energetic characteristics of the building.

Identification of the regulations on energy saving and efficiency that were applicable at the time of construction.

Description of the checks, tests and inspections carried out by the certifying technician.

3.- Energy efficiency rating (energy label).

4.- Document that includes the measures recommended by the certifying technician.

Why is the Energy Efficiency Certificate necessary to sell a home

This certificate is mandatory for a home that is going to be sold. The current law requires that all buildings in sale process have an energy efficiency certificate.

This document reports how efficient a building is by providing a variable to be taken into account since it will provide a comparative advantage or disadvantage with respect to the rest of the properties that the buyer is considering. The purpose of the new regulations is to promote the promotion of buildings with high energy efficiency and investments in energy savings.


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