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How to put the right price and sell in 60 days with Essencia Inmobiliaria Gandía

How to put the right price and sell in 60 days with Essencia Inmobiliaria Gandía

Right price, your house is not a duckling ugly, it’s a swan

Hello, I am Joshua Cabrera Mir and this time I want to show you how to put the right price to your house and sell in 60 days. Remember, your house is not an ugly duckling, it’s a swan.


Precio adecuado portada

In Essencia we make a completely free assessment of your home. But the big question is, how do you want them to see your house, like an ugly duckling or a swan?

Precio adecuado valoración gratuita

We are going to give you some advice. First, avoid the typical error, that is, put a price too expensive and then have to go down. This will burn your house, your patience and the interest of your clients. You also have to try to be the first, we can not be the ugly duckling for expensive. We will have fewer visits and help sell to the neighbor. The houses sell better in the first weeks, therefore, put a market price. This will mean that you will have 60% more visibility than your competition.


So, what would be the ideal formula? Very easy: your house, more suitable price, plus our exclusive plan of personalized marketing is equal to sold.

Precio adecuado fórmula

And here we show you a list of people who have sold their house successfully, at the highest price and in the shortest possible time. Would you like to be next? Well now is the perfect time.

Right price english cases of success

And, like the end of the story, everything depends on you. With this, I end the video. If you think it might be interesting for someone, do not hesitate to share it and get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you. My name is Joshua Cabrera Mir, have a great day and be happy.
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